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How Concrete U Need Differ from the rest

"Most Concrete companies use the rotary drum mixer but compared to the Volumetric Mixers we use”

• Once loaded, it has a fixed amount of concrete to deliver within a fixed period of time before it sets.

• The mix cannot be changed and, if the customer has over ordered, concrete goes to waste.

• If they have under-ordered, the mixer must return to the batching plant to be reloaded.

The solution is the Volumetric Cement Mixers that we use here at Concrete U Need.

• The dry ingredients are mixed on the spot, the concrete always arrives fresh.

• We use a precise dispensing system which means our mixers are accurate to within ±1% of volume delivered.

• If the customer has over-ordered, the mixer can be shut off without any wasted concrete.

• The mix can be changed during the run to suit customer specifications precisely.

• If two different mixes are required, there is no need to return to the batching plant.

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Mixed on Site

When you're looking for ready mixed concrete in Cheshire, What you need is Concrete U Need as your first port of call. We're a ready made - ready mix Concrete Supplier operating 24/7 in the Macclesfield and North West area. large and small loads, 1m - 10 cubic metres. No wastage, No surplus concrete, Fast efficient service.

No Hassle Service

Don’t waste time and money hiring a Cement Mixer and mixing it yourself, We’ll mix it ready for you. Whatever your need whoever the Customer whether Trade or Diy.


Call our friendly professional team now on 01260 223 737 or 07709 320686 or email for a Free Quote

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